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Kin-Ni-Ki Af Zumbadors Bright Star

"Star" "Our lovely Blue Roan Appaloosa Mare!

Triple Registered Mare: AMHA: A 105336, AMHR 273855A, FMHA 995

DOB: May 16, 1999

Sire: AF Zumbador

Dam: Grosshills Lucky Lolita

Star A Falabella as gorgeous as this mare is a welcome addition to our breeding program! Star is a lovely Blue Roan Appaloosa mare previously owned by Holloways Falabellas.

Star's sire is the famous Appaloosa stallion, AF Zumbador who was born in 1986 and was imported from Argentina. Zumbador was a beautiful black roan Appaloosa Leopard producing only 14 foals in all during his lifetime. We are fortunate to have several of his offspring here at Hickory Springs.

Star's dam is named Grosshill's Lucky Lolita who was born in 1990. Lolita's coloring is a black Appaloosa. Between Zumbador and Lolita, they produced this stunning and tiny Blue Roan Appaloosa foal named Bright Star!

Star has a gorgeous head and a sweet nature like her sire. She is a tiny lady at just 28.5" tall, and is a well mannered broodmare here at the farm and loves attention and treats.

Star delivered an amazing black appaloosa filly who we also purchased along with Star. Her breeder named the filly Holloways Zeeba! We are so pleased with Star and her filly. We are glad to have added them to Hickory Springs Breeding Program!

Star has been bred to Sreenan's Hot Shot for a summer foaling. Hot Shot is a little man, and also stands under 30" tall! Hottie is one of our striking solid black stallions. This pair should produce an outstanding pure Falabella foalthat will be tiny for sure! We are looking forward to another wonderful foal out of Star.

Star is doing well during her pregnancy and will be ready to foal early summer! Star is a nurturing and protective dam, so we know she will be a great mom to her new foal. Her daughter, Zeeba has also been bred to AF Revenge and she will be due to foal on June 1, 2016. We just love them both!

Other excellent Falabella Horses in Star's pedigree include the following Argentinian Pure Falabellas: AF Edipo, AF Dido, Azul, Durga, Comofin, Entrevero and Platera another Blue Roan Appaloosa like Star.


Introducing our Star!

Star is such a cutie!

She is so cute!
We love Star!

Bright Star

A Pure Falabella!

Star is such a cutie!

Wearing her Winter Coat!

Bright Star

Loves Kisses!