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Halloways Falabella Cheadora

Pure Falabella
Foaled: February 8, 2007
Sire: Zumbador
Dam: Cheneka

Cheadora is a top quality young mare from Holloways Falabellas in Kansas. Our little mare is a sweet girl, with a plush blue black coat, and small in stature.

Cheadora's sire is none other than the wonderful stallion named Zumbador, who is a beautiful Appaloosa Black Roan with a blanket! Cheadora is out of a lovely black broodmare named KIN-NE-HKI Falabella Cheneka. Cheadora has received excellent bloodlines not only from both of her parents, but from all four of her grandparents who are Angelica Falabella bred pure Falabellas!

For history of the Falabella breed of horse and the story behind the Falabella family please visit the Falabella International Preservation Association (F.I.P.A.)online.


Cheadora Headshot

Cheadora Grazing

Cheadora Walking on lead