Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Mares

Hickory Springs Show Quality Falabella and American Miniature Broodmares

Sreenan's SnipetteSreenan's Snipette
Our Foundation Broodmare,
black and white pinto with lacing,
She gave us a gorgeous tiny black colt!

Sreenan's Sunset Glory Sreenan's Sunset Glory
Our chestnut snowflake mare, gave birth to a tiny Pure Falabella filly, Hickory Springs Raspberry Beret
Her sire is AF Revenge.

ICF Bellalisa ICF Bellalisa
Buckskin Appaloosa
Bellalisa gave us a tiny Black Appaloosa filly in April 2016 named Hickory Springs Snow Angel!

Susietta Susietta
An El Rey daughter
black and white pinto
Susietta delivered a gorgeous spotted colt in May 2015 named Enzo! She is bred back to our stallion, Bode for 2017.

Star Kin-Ne-Ki AF Zumbadors Bright Star
An adorable Blue Roan Appaloosa Pure Falabella
in foal to Sreenan's Hot Shot for July 2016.

Alfina Hickory Springs Baby Alfina
A cute Bay Appaloosa Pure Falabella Mare

Zeeba Holloways Falabella Zeeba
A darling Black Appaloosa Pure Falabella Mare
in foal to Revenge for 2016.

Selena DRK Moon Bear
A small solid black with star
in foal to Hickory Springs Ferrari for Summer 2016.

Holloway's Cheadora Holloway's Cheadora
A Zumbador daughter
Black Appaloosa, foaled a lovely Black filly sired by AF Revenge! Both Cheadora and filly are SOLD!

AF Amanda AF Amanda
She had a gorgeous Black and White Pintaloosa filly, La Reina del Rey...SOLD! She is bred back to Ferrari!

Jewel ICM Falabella Regal Jewel
A Chestnut Pure Falabella Mare
in foal to Ferrari for a July 2016 due date.

Delilah Delilah
Such a sweet and gentle Black Pinto Pure Fallabella Mare
in foal to AF Revenge for a late summer foal in 2016.

Kimberlings Daisy if you Do Shasta
Kimberlings Daisy if you Do is a black fewspot appaloosa
Results are in and she is LP/LP, and N/Patn1 with no graying gene! She is bred to our fewspot stallion, Jackpot for 2017!

LTD Glorious Doll LTD Glorious Doll
Sorrel Pinto
Will be bred June 2016 to Our Farm Dragonfly, a tiny Palomino Pinto Stallion!

Pepper Sutherlins Little Pepper
A Black Appaloosa Mare
Pepper's pedigree is chock full of Appaloosas!
Pepper gave birth to a lovely Bay Dun Appaloosa Filly! Both Pepper and her filly, Tansy are SOLD!

Castlerock Awesome Elite Lady Castlerock Awesome Elite Lady
Sorrel Varnish Appaloosa Mare
Ellie is a Falabella blend and bred to our stallion Royalty for a 2017 foal!

Arabella Acres Easter Mary Cheyenne
Pure Falabella
Cheyenne is an elegant leggy Black and White Pinto filly. She is a grand daughter of Zumbador!

Whistling Winds SLG Isis Whistling Winds SLG Isis
black bay mare
Isis is bred to our Pure Falabella stallion, Torrontes for 2017
We cannot wait to see this foal!

Arabella Acres Dapple Moon Arabella Acres Dapple Moon
Tallulah has been sold...Congrats to Lynn and family!

Daisy Hickory Springs Painted Daisy
Our petite Amber Champagne Appaloosa Falabella Blend!
Bred to Darkstar Armani for a summer 2016 foaling date.

Nell R&S Sunrise Portentos Dynamic Mist
An adorable Black Appaloosa Falabella Blend. Nell had a fabulous Black Appaloosa colt on June 6, 2016
This boy is a keeper!

Honey Ke Lyns Honey Oreo
Outstanding Black Pinto Falabella Blend Mare being bred to Jackpot for 2017!
This should be a lovely cross.

Maid LTD Maid to Show
Petite lovely Bay Mare
Will be bred to our tiny stallion, Dragonfly July 2016.

Breezie LTD Icy Breeze
Our lovely Black Pinto with bright blue eyes
Will be bred to our stallion, Armani for 2017!

Blazie New Days I'm A Blazie Too
A stunning chestnut appaloosa who foaled a lovely Silver Dapple filly with lots of chrome for us!
This filly named Hickory Springs Smooth Brooklyn Jazz is sired by "Dude".

Diamond Philco's Diamond Lights
A beautiful Bay Appaloosa Leopard Falabella Blend
in foal to Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine for summer 2016.

Briar Patch Eagles Double Take Briar Patch Eagles Double Take
"Sweet Pea"
Double Take gave us a wonderful Silver Dapple Pintaloosa colt in April 2016!

AB Ranch Happys Cleopatra AB Ranch Happys Cleopatra
A stunning chestnut appaloosa
in foal to Darkstar Armani for 2016.

Cherokee Splash French Broads Cherokee Splash
A sweet chestnut pinto
in foal to Darkstar Armani for 2016. Splash is sold...congrats Luci!

Bondes Bouncin B Super Hott Misty Bondes Bouncin B Super Hott Misty
A tiny and lovely Black Sabino
in foal to Darkstar Armani for 2017.

Hot Waters Golden Opportunity Hot Waters Golden Opportunity
"Goldie"... gave us a lovely chestnut filly in 2015!
Bred to Armani for 2016!