Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabellas For Sale

Hickory Springs Falabella Miniature Horses Offered For Sale

Please contact us for our 2017/2018 Foals Sales List
We have a variety of young stock, mares and stallions for sale as well.

Nitro "Nitro" Black Fewspot Proven Stallion
American Miniature
Tested: LP/LP n/PATN1
Perfect B-Sized Stallion to put spots on his foals!

Bondes Super Hott Misty
Beautiful 31" Black Sabino Young Mare
Bondes breeding
SOLD...Congrats Brooke!

Castle Rock's Torrontes Castle Rock's Torrontes
Grulla Appaloosa Pure Falabella Stallion
Torre is a friendly boy and a proven stallion
He has leg barring, dorsal stripe and a blanket

Fancy New Days I'm A Blazie Too
Grandsire: Orion Light VantHuttenest
Beautiful chestnut Appaloosa B sized Mare,

Hickory Hickory Springs PF Flyer
Beautiful Falabella Blend Silver Pintaloosa
Sire is Ferrari and this young stallion has lots of chrome!
Beautiful markings with stockings

Hickory Springs Night Scotsman Hickory Springs Night Scotsman
Chocolate Appaloosa Falabella Blend with Blanket
Sire: Ash Creek Spectacular Royalty
Dam: Castle Rock's Awesome Elite Lady
Grandsire: Cross Country Call Me Awesome
Many Championships!

Delilah Hickory Springs Silver Lace
Falabella Appaloosa Filly
Congrats to Mattheau!

/ ICF Moon Bear
Tiny Black Pure Falabella Mare
Congrats Vicky!

/ Toyland Delilah
Black Pinto Pure Falabella Mare
Congrats Brenda!

/ Turtle Dove
Blue-eyed grulla leopard appaloosa
Congratulations Cynthia!

Bode Bodero
Pure Falabella Leopard Stallion

Indi "Hickory Springs Indian Paint Brush"
Lovely example of a Pure Falabella Mare!

Armani Darkstar Armani
Black Leopard Stallion
Gorgeous and Tiny
Congrats to Debbie, Canada.

Brandi Brandi
Chestnut Pintaloosa Mare
Smart and Pretty Mare!

Star "Kin-Ne-Ki AF Zumbador's Bright Star"
Beautiful Blue Roan Appaloosa Pure Falabella Mare
Star is currently with Pam and her family at
Hickory Springs Falabellas East!

Isabella "SOBR Isabella Falabella"
Beautiful Champion Pure Falabella Pinto Mare

Jodie Hickory Springs Joyful Jodie
Beautiful Pintaloosa Filly!
Sire: Hickory Springs Ferrari Falabella
Dam: Regal Jewel

Jackpot Hitna Jackpot
Falabella Blend Fewspot Stallion
Congrats Diane!

Splash Cherokee Spalsh
Chestnut Pinto Mare
Produced a lovely blue-eyed pintaloosa colt by Nitro!

Delilah HickorySprings Buckeroo Firefly
Adorable Dunskin Colt
Dam: LTDS Glorious Doll
Sire: Our Farms Buckeroo Dragonfly
Congrats to Wayne and Vicky!

Macchi Hickory Springs Caramel Macchiato
Falabella Mare
Stunning Bay Leopard Pure Falabella Stallion
Congrats to Melanie!

Hickory Springs Royal Monarch "Monarch"
Adorable Appaloosa bay colt with blanket!
This boy's pedigree is impressive with LTDS on bottom
Sire is our gorgeous Top Ten Stallion Champion
Spectacular Royalty!

Hickory Springs Boston Bound Hickory Springs Boston Bound
Falabella Blend
Stunning chestnut roan two-year-old colt
Sire is BTU Bucket of Gold, a lovely palomino stallion!

Arabella Acres Dapple Moon "Tallulah"
Falabella blend Silver Dapple pintaloosa mare!
Tallulah is the sweetest girl, and simply gorgeous!

Sreenan's Hot Shot Sreenan's Hot Shot
Pure Falabella black tiny stallion!
This is a very regal boy who produces both solid blacks and pintos.
Hot Shot always produces tiny pure Falabella foals!
SOLD! Congrats to the new owners of Hottie!

Hickory Springs Elegant Scarlett Hickory Springs Elegant Scarlett
Falabella Blend
Beautiful dark liver chestnut filly
Sire is AF Revenge, a tiny pure Falabella stallion!

Holloway's Cheadora Holloway's Cheadora
Pure Falabella black appaloosa mare!
Cheadora is a jet black Appaloosa mare sired by Zumbador!
This mare is tiny!

Hickory Springs Bluebelle Hickory Springs Bluebelle
Silver Dapple Tiny Filly
Adorable Silver Dapple filly!
Dam, Double Take is also a Silver Dapple Mare!

Sutherlin's Little Pepper Sutherlin's Little Pepper
Beautiful Black Appaloosa Mare!
Sutherlin's Little Pepper had a gorgeous Bay Dun Appaloosa Filly in April 2016!
Both Pepper and her filly, Hickory Springs Mountain Rose Tansy have been SOLD!
Congrats to Lynn and her family!

T Bar T Falabella Cinco de Mayo T Bar T Falabella Cinco de Mayo
Pure Falabella
Beautiful black mare in foal
to black leopard, Ariequin!
Congrats to Pam and her family on the purchase of Cinco!

La Reina Hickory Springs La Reina del Rey
Black Pinto filly
Sired by Ferrari!
Tiniest filly we had in 2015!
SOLD! Congrats Brooke on your purchase of La Reina!

Tansy Hickory Springs Mountain Rose Tansy
Lovely Bay Dun Appaloosa filly
Sired by Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine!
Tansy is Beau's first foal for us!
SOLD! Congrats to Lynn and her family on the purchase of Tansy.