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Triple Registered Pure Falabella!
DOB: May 4, 2010
Sire: Falabella AF Zumbador
Dam: Kin Ne KeFalabella Bright Star
Our young mare, Zeeba comes from Edna Holloway's breeding program. Her dam, Falabella Bright Star is a unique and tiny blue roan appaloosa. Star stands at only 28.5" tall, and Zeeba is even smaller than her dam!

Sweet Zeeba

Zeeba's sire is non other than the Falabella AF Zumbador, an imported stallion that stood at 30.5" tall. He was a black roan appaloosa and he produced only 14 foals during his lifetime, one being Zeeba. Being that she is only one of a handful of his foals, and Star's only filly, Zeeba is one special little mare and we are overjoyed to call her our own.

Last year, we chose to breed Zeeba to our rare and tiny stallion, AF Revenge. AF Revenge was bred by Angelica Falabella so this makes him quite special to us. One of her last foals from her farm in South Carolina, Revenge or Revvy as we affectionately call him is a deep liver chestnut and so handsome with a gorgeous head and nice short back, good shoulder and proud as can be!He definitely has that "look at me" attitude and he knows he is something special!

Zeeba is a sweet natured, love seeking young mare. She is always in your pocket, following you around and wondering if you have ay treats for her! She is a love and we cannot wait for her foal to arrive. This baby should be quite small in stature and pettily built. Zebu's foaling dat is June 1, 2016. Come back to see what she has in early June for us.


Our Beautiful Young Mare, Zeeba!


Double Take Grazing

Double Take Grazing

Double Take Grazing


Zeeba and Mike enjoying snuggle time!