Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Mares

AF Amanda

Pure Falabella
Triple Registered Buckskin Appaloosa

Bella Amanda Wow! A Falabella as beautiful as this is a welcome addition to our breeding program! Amanda is a lovely Buckskin Appaloosa mare bred by Angelica Falabella, with a gorgeous head, kind eye and a great attitude. She is a little lady, well mannered in the barn and only wants to please.

Amanda delivered an amazing buskskin appy filly...this filly is perfect! We are so pleased with Amanda and her filly, Hickory Springs Bright Star Buttercup!

Amanda has been bred back to ICF Ferrari, one of our striking stallions for a late spring 2015 foal. This pair should produce an outstanding pure Falabella for us. We are looking forward to another wonderful foal out of our Amanda.

Amanda is a loving mother to little Buttercup! She is nurturing and protective, and friendly with all that come to meet her filly. We just love them both!


Buttercup with Mama

Amanda with her newborn filly


Buttercups Cute Face

Buttercup Napping


Little Buttercup

Hickory Springs New Filly


Buttercup Sleeping