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Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine

Foaled: June 21, 2012
Sire: Moss Grove Strutting My Spots
Dam: Anastasia of Millers

Beau's Baby Picture Hickory Springs is thrilled to have found this gorgeous Fewspot Chestnut Appaloosa yearling! Beau has a gorgeous head and long arching neck. He is a well put together youngster, and his long legs will help him to excel in driving competitions. Beau is very friendly and has his dam's sweet disposition. We want to thank Spotted Dreams for allowing us the opportunity to own such a wonderful stallion prospect for our breeding program...Thanks Dianne!

Beau's sire is Moss Grove Strutting My Spots, an AMHA/AMHR 33.25" black leopard appaloosa stallion. He was foaled on May 21, 2007 and stands as herd sire at Spotted Dreams Farm in Opdyke, Illinois.
"Spots" is a replica of his sire Moss Grove Apache King Aleganybrave and also a spitting image of his grandsire, Hobby Horses Apache King. Beau's grand dam is Moss Grove Jenny. Jenny's sire is Hobby Horse's Apache King and her dam is Moss Grove Rusty Girl.
Beau's sire, "Spots" has produced several very colorful foals for Spotted Dreams Farm. Just knowing that Beau is a Fewspot, we know he will put lots of color on his foals here at Hickory Springs!

Below are pictures of Beau's sire (left) and grandsire (right)...look at those spots!


Beau's Grandsire
Moss Grove Apache King Aleganybrave

Moss Grove Apache King Aleganybrave

Beau's Great Grandsire
Hobby Horses Apache King

Hobby Horses Apache King


Beau's Face

Beau Right Side


Beau Running

Beau's Tail