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Hickory Springs Gael Ronan

Registered Falabella Blend Colt
Foaled: May 16, 2018

FIPA: Reg # 30144FB
AMHR: Reg # 344333T

Sire: Hickory Springs Ferrari Falabella
Dam: Ky-Lyns Honey Oreo

This lovely light bay colt is a son of our stallion, Ferrari a loud Bay Pintaloosa Falabella Horse, an excellent example of a pure Falabella with presence and color!

Ronan's dam is Ky-Lyns Honey Oreo, a lovely pintaloosa Falabella blend mare! She is gorgeous and is a Black Pintaloosa with blue eyes. Honey Oreo is a sweetheart as is Ronan.

Hickory Springs Gael Ronan is a coming two year old born during the spring of 2018. Ronan has blue eyes like his dam and is nicely marked like her. Ronan will make a wonderful pet or show mini. He could also be a nice herd sire as he is that nice!


Ronan with his dam, Honey Oreo


Ronan at a day old!


Ronan out in the pasture


Ronan running in the snow Feb 2020!


Ronan's sire...Hickory Springs Ferrari Falabella