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Sreenan's Snipette

Triple Registered Mare
Foaled: February 03, 1996
Sire: Rancho Casa Bella's Chianti II (Grandsire CHIANTI, the Legend)
Dam: Sreenan's Marguerita Midnight

Sreenan's Snipette Sreenan's Snipette was one of the first pure Falabella mares that we purchased from Dr. Barbara Sreenan in 2012. She is a gorgeous black and white pinto with lacing across her back. Snipette is a sweet-natured girl and has excellent conformation and markings. She is a perfect size for a Falabella broodmare and she has produced lovely foals for Sreenan's Minihorse Farm in the past, making her a much valued proven broodmare for our future breeding program here at Hickory Springs.

Snipette's dam, Sreenan's Marguerita Midnight, a lovely black mare, was born in 1982. She was bred to Chianti II and the end result was our lovely black and white pinto filly born in 1996.

Snipette's sire was none other than Chianti II, a direct son of the famous Chianti of the renowned Regina Winery. Chianti was one of the first Falabella stallions from Julio Falabella's ranch in Argentina to be imported to the United States. Chianti was considerd the "Grandfather of American Appaloosa Miniature Horses". Many Appaloosa miniatures today count Chianti as one of their ancestors. Breeders proudly advertise that Chianti is in their horses' pedigree(s).

Chianti II was out of another imported Falabella mare, Sherry who was part of the six-horse driving team along with Chianti at the Renowned Regina Winery in California. The driving team was a huge hit for the Winery back in the day.

Chianti II lived a long life of 30 years and was lovingly owned by Dr. Barbara Sreenan of Sreenan's Minihorses in Florida. Chianti II was one of Barbara's top herd sires and we are thrilled to own his daughter, Sreenan's Snipette.

Snipette's lines therefore, come directly from the Julio Falabella Horse Farm in Argentina. Having this mare here at our farm gives us the honor of continuing this prestigious Falabella line directly from the founders of the Falabella herd, and the Falabella Family breeding program.

We thank Dr. Barbara Sreenan for allowing us the opportunity to own, love and cherish such a gorgeous and much valued broodmare. We look forward to Snipette's foals in the future. Contact us if you would like to consider one of our foals for your breeding program or competition. We will be happy to assist you.


Snipette enjoying a romp in the pasture ...

Snipette Running

She loves running free!

Sreenan's Snipette shedding out

Snipette Shedding Out

Snipette with her best buddy, Sreenan's Sunset Glory

Snipette and Sunset Glory

Snipette, sired by Rancho Casa Bella's Chianti II

Snipette, sired by Rancho Casa Bella's Chianti II

Beautiful markings!

Snipette's Beautiful Markings

We love our foundation mare, Sreenan's Snipette

Sreenan's Snipette