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Sreenan's Sunset Glory

Pure Falabella
Foaled: May 17, 1996
Sire: Rancho Casa Bella Chianti II
Dam: Sreenan's Tidbit

Sreenan's Sunset Glory, or "Sunny" as we call her, is a lovely snowflake Falabella mare in foal to Ferrari for a late summer baby. She initially was listed as a solid sorrel on her permanent papers, but as time went by, Sunny has developed numerous white spots all over her body and face, and continues to do so! We are very excited that her sire's and grandsire's appaloosa spots are finally showing through on this girl!

Sunny is a triple registered Pure Falabella mare and a half sister to Snipette, our black and white pinto mare. They share the same sire, Chianti II and therefore, the same infamous grandsire, CHIANTI (see Snipette's page to read about Chianti and Chianti II).

Both Snipette and Sunny were owned by Dr. Barbara Sreenan, and upon her retirement in 2012, we were fortunate to acquire not only these two fantastic Chianti grand daughters, but Hot Shot, our senior stallion as well. We greatly appreciate the generosity and assistance from Dr. Sreenan. These mares will have a forever home here at Hickory Springs.

Sunset Glory has proven her worth at the Sreenan Minihorse Farm producing lovely foals for them over the years. We are very excited regarding Sunny's upcoming foal for 2014. This will be her first foal for us, and we cannot wait to see the foal on the ground! Sunny is the creme de la creme of the very best Falabella mares in the United States with the importing of her grandsire, Chianti.


Sunny Trotting Away

Sunny's Face

Sunset Glory

Sunset Glory Trotting

Sunny Sideview

Sunset Glory