Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Foals

R&S Portentos Dynamic Mist
" Nell "

DOB: June 21, 2001
Sire: Portento Pure Falabela Black Appaloosa Stallion w Blanket
Dam: R&S Sunrise Mystic Dawn Small black Appaloosa Mare

We called this little mare, our little black rhino the moment she came off the trailer from the midwest. She was so adorable and we just fell in love with her. We decided to affectionately call her Nell and she does know her name! She is the first to come running for food and affection when called. She is sweet natured yet the typical aloof broodmare when her time is near. She is a fantastic mother and Nell always produces gorgeous foals. Nell is 3/4 Falabella as her dam's sire is a pure Falebella named Portento and her dam being 50% Falabella. Nell's pedigree top and bottom is Appaloosa and when clipped this girl has spots all over. She looks black but under that coat are loads of small spots everywhere! She also has mottling around her mouth and eyes. Nell is an older mare, but does have a few more years to produce a foal or two for someone looking for a very nice, well bred black appaloosa Falabella blend. Once retired she would make an excellent "auntie" to watch over weaned foals.


R&S Sunrise Portentos Dynamic Mist
Portento x R&S Mystic Dawn


With her tiny colt, Red Ball Jet

Nell and Jet

Due any day to foal


Nell with her foal, Oakley!

Sweet Baby

Nell's Sire: Portento, Pure Falabella