Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Stallions

Hickory Springs Show Quality Falabella and American Miniature Stallions

Sreenan's Hot Shot, black, pure Falabella stallion Sreenan's Hot Shot
A stunning pure Falabella black stallion

ICF Ferrari, pintaloosa pure Falabella stallion ICF Ferrari
Outstanding conformation and color
Our beautiful Pure Falabella Pintaloosa stallion.

Hickory Springs Caramel Macchiato Hickory Springs Caramel Macchiato
Handsome Pure Falabella Leopard Stallion.

Bode, Black Leopard Falabella stallion Bode
Wow! This Pure Falabella Leopard Appaloosa is awesome!

AF Falabella Revenge, chestnut pure Falabella stallion AF Falabella Revenge
Pure Angelica Falabella bred Liver Chestnut stallion!

Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine Spotted Dreams Beau of Mine
Gorgeous Fewspot Chestnut Appaloosa, American Miniature...SOLD!

Tradition Dos Palmaa Family Tradition
Stunning Champagne Tobiano Splash with Blue Eyes! Sold

Ash Creek Spectacular Royalty Ash Creek Spectacular Royalty
Spectacular Chestnut Appaloosa! American Miniature Stallion...Sold!