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Sreenan's Hot Shot
"Hot Shot"

Triple registered (AMHA,AMHR,FMHA) stallion
foaled: May 01,2001
Sire: Sreenan's Night Commando (Black Tobiano 1995)
Dam: Sreenan's Katarina (Imported from Argentina)

We call Hot Shot our little man, he is our senior herd sire and the smallest of all our stallions here at Hickory Springs! Hotshot is everything we hoped for in a stallion. He is one special boy from Sreenan's Falabellas in Florida.

Hot Shot runs the show here as top sire. This shiny black fellow exhibits all the traits of an imported Falabella, and he gets this from both his sire, Sreenan's Night Commando and imported dam, Sreenan's Katarina, giving him that regal presence just like his sire, and grandsire. Hot Shot will stamp his regal attitude, conformation and look at me attitude onto his foals.

Sreenan's Hot Shot Hot Shot's grandsire, Grosshill's El Rey, is a legendary sire, and true Argentine bred Falabella. His dam, Cincha was imported from Argentina in 1989, and was in foal to El Rey upon her arrival in the United States. El Rey was born in America on August 11, 1989. El Rey became a champion many times over in the show ring, and earned a top spot as an AMHA National Top Ten Senior Stallion and we are proud to own one of his grandsons. After siring many foals in his 24 years of life, El Rey passed away on October 19, 2012. This legendary sire left his mark on American bred Falabella horses and thankfully his bloodlines will live on through his offspring.

We are looking forward to many foals sired by our very own Sreenan's Hot Shot!


Sreenan's Hot Shot (2001)
Sreenan's Night Commando x Sreenan's Katarina

Sreenan's Hot Shot

Our Hot Shot
An El Rey grandson

Headshot of Hot Shot

Sreenan's Night Commando
Hot Shot's sire

Night Commando

Hot Shot Rearing

Hot Shot's Face

Stallions Meeting