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Hickory Springs Caramel Macchiato

Triple registered (AMHR, FMHA, FIPA) B sized-stallion
Foaled: July 17, 2014
Sire: Toyland Tomeco
Dam: Whistling WindsSLG Isis

"Macchi", was born at Hickory Springs during the summer of 2014. Caramel Macchiato is named after one of my favorite Starbuck's coffees and because he had that caramel color to his baby coat! Macchi started out as a blanketed and gorgeous Appaloosa!

As he grew and matured by the time he was a two year old, he had developed spots over most of his dark bay base color. This is one of my favorite colors and just the fact that he is also spotting out all over, is a plus. He is the sweetest boy around, and loves attention. He gets along with all his mini buddies and is a joy to own.

Macchiato has wonderful conformation and is an excellent mover. His pedigree has many rare and imported bloodlines starting with his grandsire, Falabella AF Cinzano and great grandsire, Falabella AF Zumbador on his sire's side. All the imports came direct to America from the original Falabella Ranch in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On his dam's side, Macchi's grandsire is Sandy's Cantaro a lovely bay Appaloosa. His great grandsire, Falabella AF Garfield also an import, and his grand dam, Falabella AF Dama Quieta are both lovely imported Falabellas from the original breeding program in Argentina! These lines in his pedigree make Caramel Macchiato a very special and important stallion and possessing these lines adds so much to our breeding program. Not many other breeders worldwide have these lines on their ranches and we are thrilled that this sweetheart of a boy was born right here at Hickory Springs in Upstate New York. Macchiato is one of the favorites Falabellas on our farm.

Beautiful colt Over the years Macchiato's coat has changed dramatically just like many pure Falabella Horses do! He started out with a small spotted blanket and is now a full near leopard stallion. Hickory Springs Caramel Macchiato is Now a seven year old stallion and we are going to start his breeding program this spring (2021). We are looking forward to his get, and hope that he stamps his babies with refinement, and lots of spots!


Macchiato's Sire: - Toyland Tomeco
A Bay Leopard Appaloosa

Toyland Tomeco

Macchiato's Dam: - Whistling Winds SLG Isis
A Black Bay

Whistling Winds SLG Isis

Macchiato in a field

Loves to run!!

Handsome boy!

Handsome boy!

Having Fun!