Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Mares

ICF Falabella Bellalisa

Born: June 20, 2009
Sire:Strong's Golden Chianti
Dam: Falabella Af Dama Quieta

Bella as a filly
Our beautiful "Bella", a buckskin appaloosa mare with a star, arrived at our farm in 2013. Bellalisa carries the dilute gene, so we look forward to many possibilities in her future foals producing a variety of colors for us.
Bella's sire, Strongs' Golden Chianti, a palomino (and a son of Chianti II) along with her dam, Falabella AF Dama Quieta, a lovely black appaloosa mare gives Bellalisa the necessary genes to produce a variety of colors for us!

Bella is a half sister to our Castle Rock's Torrontes, a Grulla Appaloosa colt. They share the same sire, Strongs Golden Chianti.


Bella's Sire
Strong's Golden Chianti

Golden Chianti