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"Sweet Pea"

AMHR registration number: 226462B
Foaled: April 10, 2002
Sire: Circle S Double Eagle, Silver Dapple
Dam: Lazy R Ranch Snow Bird, Silver Dapple

"Sweet Pea" as we affectionately call her is a lovely Silver Dapple mare! She is the one that all visitors ask, "What color is she?" Of course she stands out with all those dapples and flowing white mane and tail! She arrived at Hickory Springs in the fall of 2013, and she settled in nicely within the broodmare herd, making friends with Oreo. They are now inseparable.

Sweet Pea Face Our "Sweet Pea" was bred to a gorgeous black and white pinto stallion, Fantasy Corrals Renegade for a spring 2014 foal! We are looking forward to this foal, as it will be the first baby born at our farm in 2014. This little mare is a joy to own and is well behaved and just loves attention. We are hoping for a happy and healthy foal this year and many more to come in the future.

Sweet Pea's excellent temperement, great bone, nice conformation, and supurb bloodlines(Stout, Hobby Horse, etc) make her a great broodmare for our breeding program.

We are also looking forward to training her to cart in the future as she would make a flashy carriage driving mini to show! Training will begin after her foal is weaned this summer.


Double Take Grazing

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea with Georgia

Double Take - Silver