Hickory Springs Falabellas
Hickory Springs Falabella Mares

Arabella Acres Dapple Moon

Falabella bred Silver Dapple Pintaloosa
Foaled: May 21, 2013
Sire: F Starr Seven Falabella Maximillion
Dam: Merrilea

Tallulah Head TALLULAH

One of our newest additions to our farm is our lovely Arabella Acres Dapple Moon. Tallulah as we call her is a very friendly young mare who looks after her half sister, "Cheyenne" who came along with her to Hickory Springs. Tallulah is strikingly marked with lots of chrome and very flashy. Her tri-colored tail and thick lush mane float all around her as she prances about. This young mare shows promise as a special broodmare for producing color in our Falabella herd. Her sire, F Starr Seven Falabella Maximillion a striking example of a Falabella stallion, is one pedigree we are thrilled to add to our program. Tallulah has been bred to our flashy boy, Ferrari to produce one outstanding foal for us in 2016.

What we love about our Talulah is that she is so friendly and the first one to greet us each day. She is very playful with the mares in her small herd and she enjoys playing with her sister and Cleopatra. The three of them surely have the most fun out in the pasture romping about and kicking up their heels.

Talullah has a variety of colored coat patterns in her background. Some of these patterns include the following: Silver Dapple Appaloosas, Bay Pintos, Black Pintos and Black Leopard Appaloosas like Falabella AF Cinzano and Zodiac.

Tallulah fits right in our young mares group. She has excellent ground manners and is sweet and gentle. A real joy to own and love.


Talullah Found Lush Grass


Between the Pines and Rocks...Smart Girl!

Our Silver Dapple Pintaloosa Mare

Sweet Talulah

Arabella Acres Dapple Moon aka "Talullah"

Our Talullah

pintaloosa mare

Gorgeous Markings!

Sweet, Smart and Sassy!


That is Talulah!

Sisters...Tallulah and Cheyanne

Sister running in the daisies

Walking Through the Field of Daisies


Dapple Moon

Talullah and Cleopatra out in the pasture grazing